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Resolved To Get Cookin’: Overdue Diligence

June 14, 2021

At the Founders Ministries pre-Convention conference in Nashville, June 2021, the theme was “Resolution,” playing off opposition to the ill-conceived Resolution 9 (on critical race theory and intersectionality), hustled through a vote in 2019 in Birmingham, before messengers knew what was happening. The bulk of the talks at the Nashville conference were keyed toward the folly of that particular resolution and the cultural/theological crisis it represented. With those concerns laid out by the time I got up to speak mid-afternoon, I addressed the need to be diligent in our ministries—a work-ethic message. Granting the need to unstring the bow, to rest and restore ourselves, I suggested that the greater issue today was the one laid out in Alistair Begg’s book, Crazy Lazy, rather than the one in Kevin DeYoung’s excellent book, Crazy Busy. And so I offered a dozen or so suggestions, drawing on my experience in the pastorate, the army, academia, and denominational service.
Nashville, Tennessee, June 14, 2021

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