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Acts 20:17-38: Spiritual Heroism

July 24, 2022

When our daughter Chesed married Jeremy Broggi, she found herself connected to an extraordinary extended family, including Jeremy’s parents, Carl and Audrey. Carl is the longtime pastor of the prominent Community Bible Church in Beaufort, South Carolina, and Audrey is a popular blogger with a radio presence as well (http://audreybroggi.com). Through the years, we’ve enjoyed our time with the Broggis and our four mutual granddaughters—Chesed’s and Jeremy’s kids, Lois, Ruth, Dorothy, and Agnes. We’ve found ourselves together with Carl and Audrey in the Oval Office with President Bush #2 (for whom Jeremy worked) and in Annapolis, Maryland, where we enjoyed dinner and a walkaround. This July, Carl was kind enough to invite me to preach in his pulpit, introducing me with words of commendation for my new book If Christianity Is So Good, Why Are Christians So Bad? Beaufort is in a beautiful, historic, Low Country setting, on one of the Atlantic Sea Islands. Ante-bellum homes, shrimp boats, and long graceful bridges are all about. And Marines are plentiful in the area, either going through basic training on Parris Island or serving at the nearby air base (cf. The Great Santini). In this connection, the Broggis have ministered to a good many Marines and their families as well as to a great mix of “natives” and transplants. It was such a privilege to preach this message there . . . and to have Sharon present, whom they were gracious to bring down with me
Beaufort, South Carolina, July 24, 2022

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